Everything You Must Know About Local Search Engine Optimisation

The Internet is a wealth of information – more than most people would ever know what to do with in a lifetime. But while that diverse reach between all four corners of the world may be great for those simply looking for information, it can present a challenge for small businesses.

This is because, while huge corporations may be able to reach around the globe and still gain customers, it’s unlikely that the small mom-and-pop shop on a corner in Missouri is going to be able to do the same thing.

Before Google algorithms and local SEO, this was a big problem. For the small business, a website or blog was simply a place to send customers when they wanted to look at merchandise, get store information, or even possibly buy products.

With local SEO, the website or blog for that small business now becomes a place to attract new customers, gain new business, and drive sales and profits up. So, maybe that shop in Pretoria still won’t be able to deliver to a customer in USA. What they will be able to do is pick up sales that are right outside their door, sales that they otherwise would never have even known of it wasn’t for local SEO.


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