LinkedIn Marketing Secrets for The Local Business

When it comes to using social networks to market their company, many business owners have already heard about the two biggest: Facebook and YouTube. Many are already using those networks to market their brand and promote their business, yet many of these same business owners don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet. Why? It’s certainly not because LinkedIn is new to the scene. In fact out of the three, LinkedIn is the oldest of the social networking sites. YouTube was established in 2005, Facebook was launched in 2004 and LinkedIn was launched in 2003.

It’s also not because LinkedIn lacks any of the benefits the other two major social networking sites offer. LinkedIn actually holds more benefits over both for the small business owner. It allows much more interaction between a business and their customers than just posting a video; and it doesn’t include distracting games like Facebook does. The biggest reason why business owners don’t use LinkedIn is simply because they are unaware of the benefits, as well as how to use it. Add to that the myths surrounding LinkedIn, and it’s quite easy to see why LinkedIn is the least popular of the three.

This guide will burst through the myths and actually show you how to use it and what to do to make the most of it. And for those that don’t already know, we’ll also take a look at the many benefits that come with using LinkedIn.


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